Lilly Choi (trickd) is an aspiring writer and journalist. But along with her goals of being an writer, she is also obsessed with pop culture and puts almost all her time in it. She is 23 years old and lives in Canada, going to the University of British Columbia and works at Apple. Lilly enjoys writing, reading and playing hockey.

Jasper Evans (tigglebot) is a British-Australian (though he currently lives in Britain) tech freak who obsesses over new technology and games…especially if they’re free.  He recently graduated from the University of Leeds at 26 and is currently working for Mozilla and helping with a research project at the University of Leeds. In his free time Jasper enjoys writing and gaming. Jasper makes most of the tech videos for Popp’d.

Orion Lombardi is an Internet addict (who isn’t?) who currently lives in the USA, in Seattle, though he was born in Greece. He is 24 years old and goes to the University of  Washington, also working part-time as a minor game designer for Ubisoft. Orion enjoys playing video games and making videos. He is the main manager of the Popp’d Youtube channel.


Popp’d is a blog established in 2013 that, like so many other blogs, focuses in on pop culture. What sets Popp’d different from the other blogs is that Popp’d is just a great big mix of everything. Along with that, Popp’d posts are not just only plain text, but also include lots of images in order to help all you visual readers out there. Popp’d posts also include many gifs! All posts are funny yet serious, informative, and helpful. Like Popp’d on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter! Don’t make sure to subscribe to us in order to get daily posts in your email! Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Popp’d | Stuff that matters


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