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Scott Snyder’s Original Batman

For just about two-and-a-half years now, Scott Snyder has been the writer of Batman. In the age of the multi-title crossover event, and at a time when DC is publishing more bat-books than anything else (seriously, it’s like 25% of everything they put out), being the person who gets to create the stories of the flagship series is a big and high-profile job. Snyder has already been the architect behind two enormous storylines that spilled out ofBatman and into several other DC books, and he’s currently in the midst of his third, titled “Zero Year.” The scope of his Batman tales is clearly vast, so they need a lot of time and space to be told in full, and this string-of-epics approach has made Snyder immensely popular as the Dark Knight’s head writer. Obviously, he must be doing something right. Yet for my money, Snyder’s strongest Batman work isn’t in the pages of Batman at all but, instead, can be found in his preceding run on Detective. Continue reading Scott Snyder’s Original Batman


I, Frankenstein Movie Review

PLOT: 200 years after his creation, Frankenstein’s monster is drawn into a centuries-old battle between demons trying to rule the world and gargoyles who will do anything to stop the takeover.

REVIEW: You actually have to hand it to I, FRANKENSTEIN. It’s utterly ridiculous in every imaginable way, yet it goes about business with a straight face. Perhaps that’s because it’s “hero”, Adam (Aaron Eckhart) aka Frankenstein’s monster, is about as boring and bland as can be, reacting to every absurd situation the same exact way. There may be demons ripping off their human disguises and gargoyles descending from rooftops every five minutes, but Adam’s tediousness never wavers. Continue reading I, Frankenstein Movie Review

What if A&E didn’t suspend Phil Robertson

I have talked before about why A&E was right to suspend Robertson, the Duck Dynasty patriarch who made comments about the homosexual and race communities. Ever since then, social media and newsrooms alike have been buzzing with whether or not he should have been removed from the show and where the show will go from here. But what would have happened if A&E didn’t suspend Robertson? How would the reaction be different?

When news first broke of this entire situation, the news was of the suspension – not Robertson’s interview comments directly. In fact, the interview itself never made major headlines. Not till A&E reacted to it, that is. If you think about what could have happened if the interview had been given time to come to national attention, you will begin to see why A&E did act as they did and why they were only protecting their own business interests. Continue reading What if A&E didn’t suspend Phil Robertson

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review

If you haven’t seen the hype for Anchorman 2, you have probably been living under a rock for the past six months.  Every news station and television show, it seems, has had a member of the esteemed cast on its programming to promote the premiere.  Well, the movie is finally out and crowds have been flocking to see the latest installment of the Ron Burgundy series. Continue reading Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review

American Hustle Movie Review

If you notice one thing about American Hustle, it’s that director David O. Russell has recreated the late-1970s with queasy vividness. Most people don’t notice a second thing. This is a movie that’s built on a specific era and the styles that went with it, and because we’re talking about what my brother has always called the Fashion Depression, those styles are so ridiculous it’s hard to understand how they were ever considered appealing. Russell piles on the broad lapels, the beefy kneckties, the garish wallpaper and, above all, the hair that seems, in retrospect, to have defined the decade more than politics or sports or any other part of the culture. He piles them on with a hyperstylized exaggeration that feels like a con artist’s misdirection. But what is Russell distracting us from? Maybe it’s the film’s shortcomings as anything other than a glossary of hair don’ts. Continue reading American Hustle Movie Review

Saving Mr Banks Movie Review

Many motion pictures have storied histories, the infamous production of “Cleopatra” or the remake of “The Stepford Wives” as example. The story of “Saving Mr. Banks,” a new movie about bringing Walt Disney’s 1964 musical “Mary Poppins” to the screen, isn’t a tale of infighting and clashes of egos during filming. Continue reading Saving Mr Banks Movie Review

It’s Time for the Harry Potter Franchise to End

Six years after its final book and two after its final movie, the Harry Potter series has started showing some not-entirely-unexpected signs of life in 2013. Back in September, we learned that J.K. Rowling will write Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themthe first in a series of films set in Harry‘s canonical universe. And yesterday, news broke that a Potter prequel is set to hit London’s West End in 2015, co-produced by Rowling herself. But as one of the many superfans expected to hit the (magical, weather-replicating) ceiling at the idea of an expanded Potterverse, I’m concerned Harry Potter might be best just the way it is: iconic, massively popular, and definitely, conclusively over. Continue reading It’s Time for the Harry Potter Franchise to End