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Scott Snyder’s Original Batman

For just about two-and-a-half years now, Scott Snyder has been the writer of Batman. In the age of the multi-title crossover event, and at a time when DC is publishing more bat-books than anything else (seriously, it’s like 25% of everything they put out), being the person who gets to create the stories of the flagship series is a big and high-profile job. Snyder has already been the architect behind two enormous storylines that spilled out ofBatman and into several other DC books, and he’s currently in the midst of his third, titled “Zero Year.” The scope of his Batman tales is clearly vast, so they need a lot of time and space to be told in full, and this string-of-epics approach has made Snyder immensely popular as the Dark Knight’s head writer. Obviously, he must be doing something right. Yet for my money, Snyder’s strongest Batman work isn’t in the pages of Batman at all but, instead, can be found in his preceding run on Detective. Continue reading Scott Snyder’s Original Batman


Batman Arkham Origins Review

Formats: Playstation 3 (version tested), Xbox 360, PC, Wii U

Developer: Warner Bros. Games Montreal, Splash Damage

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Age rating: PEGI 16

Released: Out now

I’m not a big fan of prequels. It takes a lot of effort to keep them interesting. After all, you know what comes next, there’s very little that can surprise, and all too often it simply feels like a case of extending a series following a major plot revelation. If you’ve played Arkham City, then it’s pretty easy to see why this concern could apply to Origins. And in some ways, it’s a fair one. In other ways, however, Origins is a narratively excellent addition to the Arkham canon, and one which fleshes out some of the characters exceptionally well. Continue reading Batman Arkham Origins Review