Flappy Bird hits No.1 on the app stores. But why?

It is a silly free game, and that fact that it has climbed so high in the past week is a sign that we’re all just a little nuts.

But it’s nice to see an unknown game shoot ahead of Snapchat, the company that turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook. It is also ahead of Beats Music, Facebook Messenger, Clash of Clans, and YouTube on Apple list of the top free apps. And yes, it’s a lot more popular than any Angry Birds game right now. Continue reading Flappy Bird hits No.1 on the app stores. But why?


Scott Snyder’s Original Batman

For just about two-and-a-half years now, Scott Snyder has been the writer of Batman. In the age of the multi-title crossover event, and at a time when DC is publishing more bat-books than anything else (seriously, it’s like 25% of everything they put out), being the person who gets to create the stories of the flagship series is a big and high-profile job. Snyder has already been the architect behind two enormous storylines that spilled out ofBatman and into several other DC books, and he’s currently in the midst of his third, titled “Zero Year.” The scope of his Batman tales is clearly vast, so they need a lot of time and space to be told in full, and this string-of-epics approach has made Snyder immensely popular as the Dark Knight’s head writer. Obviously, he must be doing something right. Yet for my money, Snyder’s strongest Batman work isn’t in the pages of Batman at all but, instead, can be found in his preceding run on Detective. Continue reading Scott Snyder’s Original Batman

24 Smart Ways to stress less about technology

Modern technology certainly has its advantages. We can stalk friends on Facebook and get real-time Twitter updates on Beyonce’s pregnancy. But having access to all these digital gadgets can also be a huge source of stress.

Among people in their early 20s, those who use their cell phones and computers a lot (defined by criteria such as receiving and answering at least 11 phone calls or text messages per day) are more likely to struggle with depression and problems sleeping, especially if they see that technology as stressful in the first place. And sometimes we can grow so comfortable with swiping and tapping that not having access to digital technology can be a whole other source of anxiety. One survey of United Kingdom residents found that nearly half of respondents said they would bemore stressed if they couldn’t surf the Web than if they were cut off from television or from basic utilities. Continue reading 24 Smart Ways to stress less about technology

I, Frankenstein Movie Review

PLOT: 200 years after his creation, Frankenstein’s monster is drawn into a centuries-old battle between demons trying to rule the world and gargoyles who will do anything to stop the takeover.

REVIEW: You actually have to hand it to I, FRANKENSTEIN. It’s utterly ridiculous in every imaginable way, yet it goes about business with a straight face. Perhaps that’s because it’s “hero”, Adam (Aaron Eckhart) aka Frankenstein’s monster, is about as boring and bland as can be, reacting to every absurd situation the same exact way. There may be demons ripping off their human disguises and gargoyles descending from rooftops every five minutes, but Adam’s tediousness never wavers. Continue reading I, Frankenstein Movie Review

The Mystery of Google’s Sudden Robotics Splurge

So why is Google suddenly so interested in robots? That’s the question everyone’s asking after it emerged this month that the internet giant has quietly amassed a portfolio of eight advanced-robotics firms. Google is describing the venture as partly a long term “moonshot” project – the name given to its more outlandish or ambitious ideas, such as its self-driving car or broadband via high-altitude balloons. But it also says it aims to launch a raft of robotics products in the short term. Continue reading The Mystery of Google’s Sudden Robotics Splurge

Why Your Fast Food Order doesn’t arrive as pictured

Readers spoke, we listened. After we published a report about supermarket foods that bear no resemblance to the photo on their packaging, some of you said that we had missed a similar annoyance: fast foods that are less attractive in person than in their ads or on menus, billboards, or websites. Continue reading Why Your Fast Food Order doesn’t arrive as pictured

What if A&E didn’t suspend Phil Robertson

I have talked before about why A&E was right to suspend Robertson, the Duck Dynasty patriarch who made comments about the homosexual and race communities. Ever since then, social media and newsrooms alike have been buzzing with whether or not he should have been removed from the show and where the show will go from here. But what would have happened if A&E didn’t suspend Robertson? How would the reaction be different?

When news first broke of this entire situation, the news was of the suspension – not Robertson’s interview comments directly. In fact, the interview itself never made major headlines. Not till A&E reacted to it, that is. If you think about what could have happened if the interview had been given time to come to national attention, you will begin to see why A&E did act as they did and why they were only protecting their own business interests. Continue reading What if A&E didn’t suspend Phil Robertson

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